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An IT organization’s structure lies in the Enterprise Application Services. While the whole world is submerged in the age of technology, organizations look further ahead and are doing their best to eliminate technology constraints. Our Enterprise Application Services assist in transforming your business initiatives and redesign your business process. Our skilled resources enhance, upgrade and consolidate your business.

  • Our valuable services are as follows:

    Our industry experience is applied to key business functions.

    Business impact and value are the areas we recognize.

    Process and technical expertise is applied.

    The final business outcomes of the client have a shared ownership.

    Business Transformation.

    Process Excellence.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    In a world where the economic status is very volatile, every business is leaning towards the IT resources that will help bring about innovations that not only assist but also develop their cause. Malvi Systems’ Enterprise Resource Planning faces the market challenges by providing strategic services along with the dedicated partnerships with ERP software providers like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft that provide consulting, implementation, upgrades, application management and SOA services.

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    Our Supply Chain Management delivers complete technical integration and business consulting services. Malvi Systems prioritize their customer’s need for a collaboration between the internal and external stakeholders of the company by providing a strong supply of chain management.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    The Customer Relationship Management services provided by Malvi Systems show our strong industry focus across specific domains. We partner with SAP CRM, Oracle Siebel and Salesforce to provide optimum services.

  • Application Management Service (AMS)

    The IT organization faces a lot of challenges including cost unpredictability, the complexity of maintaining applications, need for increased service quality and rapidly changing business priorities seem to be increasing the maintenance costs and increase the number of discretionary funds available. Malvi Systems provide unique and innovative solutions to manage your application IT estate efficiently.