Med A-Z was formed by a team of information technology (IT) and clinical experts brought together to improve medical business processes. With 350 years of combined software development experience and 8 years of client feedback, we know what works. We strive to support our worldwide clients in expanding their best practices by building tools that advance these objectives directly into our products. At Med A-Z, it’s our goal to provide these services in a way that is totally secure, reliable and easy-to-use.

We’ve made Med A-Z Complete unique. It’s not merely a “database” or a “system” that integrates billing, patient demographics or standard based patient disease information. It’s an “environment”. We’ve created an interactive vision that’s about more than technology. It encompasses the policies, practices and continuously evolving processes of the health care industry. It allows our clients to seamlessly adapt to the changes mandated by regulatory controls and policies by reconciling information into a single customer resource that serves their changing needs. Not only is Med A-Z ONC certified for hospitals and physicians, it’s also approved by many HITECH Regional Extension Centers across the U.S., including California and New York. Surescripts certification allows you to be directly linked to the leading E-prescribing network in the country. Time tested and industry approved, Med A-Z is a thoroughly proven product. We pride ourselves on being a company that emphasizes ethics as much as technological evolution. We entered the market years before government incentives were introduced. That’s because we put product quality before compensation. Our commitment to quality shows. Med A-Z was named the “Doctor’s office of the future” by Canada’s Infoway and participated in one of the first RHIOs in the US. Our success is the result of the exceptional support our model provides for the practices we serve.

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