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Software Development
Malvi Systems’ core business revolves around the project development service.......
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System Integration
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Media Entertainment
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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligene

As companies demand advanced BI and analytical solutions to enable and, in many cases, automate their decision-making, we help them leverage information as an asset. Enhancing business performance while improving value-to-cost ratio, Malvi Systems’s Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence & Performance Management (DWBI & PM) practice has completed over 4,900 projects for more than 700 blue-chip corporations. They’ve entrusted us to help them make more informed, strategic business decisions for the Future of Work—decisions that can boost sales, improve customer service and, ultimately, increase market share.

With trained and certified consultants dispersed around the world, Malvi Systems expertly blends functional expertise with technology leadership. We can help you design, develop and maintain world-class information solutions that address a wide array of business requirements in accelerated fashion.
By aligning your IT vision with desired business behaviors, our DWBI & PM practice takes technology and service enablement to the next level—and dramatically increase both BI adoption rates and profits.

Our Approach

Our DWBI & PM solutions leverage Malvi Systems’s proprietary PLATINUM information management solution—an innovative, integrated platform that blends collaboration, value creation, workflow automation, process orchestration and knowledge management. PLATINUM can deliver tangible performance improvements and automate processes at every stage of your solution: conception, design, development and deployment. Our approach also encompasses Behavioral Business Intelligence (BBI). Incorporating best practices in personalization and collaboration, this proprietary transformational model molds information delivery to meet your decision-making needs. Also, collaborating with Malvi Systems helps you leverage our business process expertise and domain knowledge as we help you build an information environment based on long-term business needs.

Case in Point

From oil & gas providers who use dashboards to control drilling and production in real time…to pharmaceutical companies launching new brands without additional salespeople…to travel intermediaries who need continuously updated data to help customers with booking…our DWBI & PM solutions separate leaders from laggards.
For example, when a global pharmaceutical giant needed to gain better value from its marketing investments, we helped the company:

• Segment its audience based on buying behavior
• Create promotion response models that predicted incremental sales for every additional dollar spent on promotions
• Allocate marketing budgets across 12 channels to maximize ROI
• Increase sales of its top-selling brand by 15%, with no additional spend on promotions.

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