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Malvi Systems : We Meet all your Software Needs Accurately & cost-effectively
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Malvi Systems : Web Design & Development
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Malvi Systems : System Integration
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Malvi Systems: Radio-Frequency Identification
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Malvi Systems: Media Entertainment
Software Development
Malvi Systems’ core business revolves around the project development service.......
It is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically........
System Integration
Global leader in providing Information Management Software enabling ........
Media Entertainment
Encoding your content into multiple formats such as streaming, progressive........

Application Development & Maintenance

In today's competitive global marketplace, companies are increasingly evaluating how to leverage and optimize their existing technology investment to reduce costs and drive future business growth.

Malvi Systems has a well defined and mature application development process which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application and ultimately leading to ongoing maintenance support. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the delivery teams spread across the globe. Our best of breed processes help in a successful on time and above expected delivery to our satisfied customers.

Our dedicated Offshore Development Canters are designed to specifically carry out development activities with our cross technology expertise and hands on experience ensuring our solutions enhance your business performance. We follow strict quality assurance methodologies where each stage of the application development process is monitored, reviewed, audited and controlled. This clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills help clients get maximum return on their IT spending.

Malvi Systems has also developed time tested methodologies for providing quality software maintenance and support services 24x7 whenever you may need it. Our procedures are designed to accommodate a smooth process flow for application change request, performance fine-tuning, up-gradation, bug fixing and other such requirements.

So whether you are looking for expertise in diverse platforms, design and development, tools and techniques; our state-of-the-art facilities and experts are always there to develop or manage your applications.

We work with our customers to:

• Outline the solution
• Define the solution architecture
• Develop prototypes for demos to users
• Design the framework of the solution
• Build the solution
• Validate the solution against requirements
• Rolling out the solution across your organization
• Continuous support for the solution

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:

• Use global delivery model for application development
• Knowledge acquisition and retention
• Use of the required expertise available within the organization
• Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs
• Tried and Tested development methodology
• A well defined Project Management methodology
• Commitment to quality and taking holistic view of V&V process

Web Applications
:: Software Development:
Malvi Systems’ core business revolves around the project development service. We develop all phases of the software development for our clients. We strive to provide a total solution to our clients by being able to solve their software development needs.

Our project teams consist of highly skilled technical project managers, system architects and experienced software developers who also understand our underlying business goals. We provide consulting services in all of the following phases of software development:

arrow Requirements study
arrow Analysis and design
arrow Application development
arrow Quality assurance
arrow User training
arrow Support and maintenance
arrow Website Designing
:: Website Design & Development:
Web Designing is essential for any web business. We work with you to understand your business requirements, analyze you needs, design and develop customizable, scalable, maintainable and robust applications.

We are expertise in all latest web technologies, for building secure, high quality and low cost solutions. In order to achieve this, we are promoting open source technologies like PHP, MySQL, Java etc; our web sites are error-free, as we thoroughly check them to avoid any shortcomings. We provide easy-to use interface, and ensure that search engines find your site easily.

arrow Attractive Design
  Static design is no more in fashion, the modern user has millions of web-sites to choose from, so his attention must be caught by an original design. We enhance your site with quick loading animated gifs and sophisticated Flash movies. Each page of your web site will be designed to be consistent with your company's identity.
arrow Usability
  Our designers and programmers work together to design web pages that load quickly and please the eye. Surveys show that if a page does not load within 30 seconds the user leaves it. To avoid this problem we thoroughly check the site's organizational structure and apply graphic optimization.
arrow Web Programming
  We provide complete and affordable web design solutions for clients both large and small. Some of our areas of expertise are:
arrow HTML, DHTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and AJAX.
arrow MySql and Oracle databases.
arrow Complete graphic design and multimedia production.
arrow Navigation menus, personalization, and visitor tracking.
arrow Shopping carts, chat rooms, auctions, and classifieds.
:: What is RFID
arrow RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification.
arrow It is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects within a range of 1ft to 20 ft depending on the frequency of the device.
:: Benifits of RFID
arrow Increases efficiency.
arrow Reduces data entry errors
arrow Frees up staff to perform more value-added functions, such as providing customer service.
:: Areas of Application
  The most common applications are :
arrow payment systems (Mobile Speed pass and toll collection systems, for instance).
arrow Used in Access control and asset tracking.
arrow To track goods within their supply chain, to work in process and for other applications.
arrow In the postal environment to enable improved item tracking during the sorting and delivery processes.
arrow In the Pharmaceutical industry to empower safe and secure supply and administration of pharmaceuticals.
arrow Used in many libraries to automate the issue and return of books, videos and CDs and to give real-time visibility for library inventory.
:: What we can offer
arrow Turn key solutions to suit your needs for establishing Automated identification systems in people, product,processes and materials.
arrow Aid you in appropriately identifying various components like tag ,frequency etc to suit your needs.
:: Our client lists including prospects
arrow We are the ‘preferred vendor’ & strategic alliance with Patni, HK systems, Satyam & other leading solutions partners to offer global service in this segment.
arrow We have the capability & skill set required to service all & any industry requiring solutions in the area of Automated Identification using RFID Technology.
System Integration Services
We are part of 'System Integrators' clan of MetaMatrix
:: About MetaMatrix
arrow Global leader in providing Information Management Software enabling Government and large size Organization, effective use of their data.
:: MetaMatrix offer Solutions in areas like
arrow Access data from disparate data sources and recieve them in the form they need.
arrow Reduce the Application Development & Integration costs, effectively resolving difference between data from various sources & consistency.
arrow True interoperability among software process and application.
arrow MetaMatrix solutions ensure ' regulatory compliance ' & 'risk management' initiatives of financial services companies.
arrow MetaMatrix is being used across globe, to aggregate customer data from a variety of systems into a " single view of the customer". This in turn enables improved ' customer service ' & ' cross-selling ' opportunities
arrow Share critical information required to improve intelligence & logistics among different Govt. agencies.
arrow Improve operational efficiency.
arrow Improve the accuracy of 'security trading' applications by providing consistent reference data about securities.
Media Entertainment
:: Media Encoding:
  Encoding your content into multiple formats such as streaming, progressive download, portable device and DRM-protected.
:: Transcoding:
  Since content comes in many different formats, transcoding is necessary to tailor the content, converting one media format to another, before it arrives at the other device. The most common way to convert one media format to another is to first decode to raw data, then encode to the target format. Since an MPEG stream consists of audio and video, we need to split these separately and decode them into raw data before re-encoding them to the desired formats and merging them again.
::Supported Formats:
arrow  Windows Media Video and Audio
arrow DiVX
arrow MPEG-2
arrow MPEG-4
arrow VC1 and many more.
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